Exciting News from SilcsBio: Introducing the CGenFF Web App!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the CGenFF Web App by SilcsBio. To celebrate this milestone, we recently hosted a webinar that delved into the capabilities and applications of the CGenFF platform.

What is CGenFF?
CGenFF, short for CHARMM General Force Field, represents a force field parameterization program designed to enhance accuracy and versatility in molecular simulations. Developed over years of meticulous research and refinement, CGenFF plays a crucial role in molecular dynamics simulations across various scientific domains.

Exploring CGenFF’s History and Evolution
During our webinar, we explored the history and evolution of the CGenFF program. From its inception to the latest updates, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of CGenFF and it’s use in over 10,000 citations.

Live Demo and Platform Walkthrough
One of the highlights of our webinar was a live demonstration showcasing the practical applications of the CGenFF Web App. Attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand how to navigate the platform, generate parametrs, and utilize its powerful features for their research needs.

Access the Archived Webinar
If you missed our webinar or would like to revisit the insightful sessions, you can view the archived version below:


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